Our Centre Philosophy

Our centre aims to provide our families with the most personal and professional care that we can offer. Each family is important to us and we aim to support parents in the care and nurturing of their children in a happy safe and homely environment.

We believe that

  • All children are individual and unique and all families bring unique qualities and experiences to our centre.
  • By embracing these qualities we will provide an inclusive environment to children to play and learn.
  • Our local community has a role to play at the centre therefore we endeavour to network and include the community with in the centre.
  • Everyone associated with Marino Early Learners staff/parents/children have the right to protection of personal information.
  • Children should feel safe, happy and comfortable in our care and be given the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.
  • Children learn through play therefore we provide experienced and knowledgeable staff members who provide tailored programmes. The programmes are play based and are aimed at developing the whole child.
  • Both individual and whole group sessions are timetabled during the day. We believe that the greatest gift that we can give any child, is a positive, healthy sense of self.
  • We promote healthy eating habits within our centre and educate both children and parents about healthy habits for a healthy life.
  • We as a centre will help make our world clean and healthy, not knowingly help destroy our world/environment and educate both families and children on the care of our environment.