Lunch Box Centre

We are a lunch box centre, which means families bring in the children’s lunches themselves. The reasons for choosing to be a lunch box centre are:
• Reducing the possibility of food allergy
Your child’s health and safety are our priority. Getting parents to prepare home food is the best method to minimise the possibility of food allergies because parents have the best knowledge of their own children’s health statues.
• Preparing children’s school readiness
One of the main requirements of the National Early Years Learning Framework for Early Years Education in Australia is to get pre-schoolers to be ready for the school environment. Bringing in their own lunch box signals the school settings to children, which will help them quickly settle in the school setting.
• Respecting children’s family traditions and cultural backgrounds
Being in such a diverse society, children’s family traditions and culture backgrounds should be considered and highly respected. Asking families to provide and bring in their own lunch is our ways to recognise and respect the culture diversity. Different people from different backgrounds like different food. By bring in children’s own food, we encourage children to be proud of their own identity.