Sophie Cuningham

Assistant Educator
Teaching philosophy: I have always been passionate about caring for young children. I enjoy being around children and seeing them developing. Being an educator allows me to help, care, educate and to be a part of the very important years of the young children’s early years’ development.

Daisy Wu

Teaching philosophy:

Ellie Yee

Explorer room educator
Teaching philosophy: I believe young children will benefit from a high-quality care and early education. As an educator, I will try my best to provide an excellent and fun learning environment so that children can engage actively with their learning. At the meantime, young children are healthy and safe in care. Under the guidance of Early Years Learning Framework, I would like to work with children, their families and the community to help children reach every milestone of their development.

Erina Hamilton

Explorer room leader
Teaching philosophy: I am passionate about children and believe that all children have the right and potential to learn according to their own individual needs. I believe that children learn through play, exploration, discovery, creativity and imagination. I value children as strong, capable and resilient learners who are rich with wonder, knowledge, curiosity and potential which drives their interest in understanding their world and place within it. My place is not as the giver of that knowledge but as a partner there to support their investigations through a collaborative process undertaken together.

Kelly Giles

Centre Assistant Director & Discoverer room leader
Teaching philosophy: I have a passion to help enable all children to reach their fullest potential, allow each child to feel supported, connected and safe whilst in my care. As an educator, I have a great understanding of the importance of knowing all children are different. Different children have different needs, interests and experiences. I can see children thriving in their learning, working out and extending/enhancing on their own development, critical thinking skills and creativity whilst sharing their excitement in enjoyable interactions. Being a positive role model whilst taking the time to hear “children’s voice” allows me to have a professional approach in all play opportunities, which also can make sure that I am available to all children at all times. I like to encourage the children to discover the world around them, together we have fun filled days with positive learning experiences to help strengthen their sense of self with explorations and discoveries.

Jie Zhu

Centre Director & Educational Leader
Qualifications: Masters in Early Childhood Teaching (Age 0-8 years old); Post Graduate Diploma of Education
Teaching philosophy: